Globalization refers to the increased connectivity of the world and the rapid growth of the exchange of people and ideas across the world. Transportation was the most significant factor. Transportation like airplanes, container ships and bullet trains have made traveling and the transportation of gods a lot quicker and easier. Contanierisation has also standardized shipping throughout the world. At the same time, countries are making more airports and ports to facilitate this movement of people and goods.This allows greater economic and social exchanges and allows for the world to interconnected at a faster rate which has in turn led to a faster rate of globalization.

Communications is just as important. Tools like the internet have allowed people from around the globe to connect quickly and easily and exchange information and ideas instantly. This speed and ease of communication has led to a more globalised world where ideas and news are able to broadcast to a global audience in mere seconds.

Finally, Transnational Corporations are also driving forces behind Globalization. Such companies have operations and factories outside of their base countries and employ many people from different countries. They also sell their goods world-wide. Such companies include Sony and Microsoft. Because these companies source for countries with low production costs and parts from different countries, hence their products are helping to make global economies more integrated. An example would be Boeing’s airplanes whose parts come from all over the world.

Transportation speeds up travel and communication allows for greater dialogue but it is the TNCs that drive globalization. Without, we would not have standardization of products for example MacDonald’s all over the world. They also connect the global economy and bring changes in countries they choose to set up factories in. Furthermore, they tend to always expand into new countries, hence helping to standardize and connect the global economies.

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Essay/ Explanation Construction (a) How far can venturing abroad ensure that Singpaore overcomes challenges in a gloabalizing world? Explain your answer. [13m](b) "Globalization brings about more harm than good." How far do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer. [14m]